Hi cuties! So as you can see from our website, TuCamino offers trips to two locations (Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica and Sayulita, Mexico) Information is on our website however, if you are like me, you want a breakdown of each location in order to figure out which location is best suited for you. Below I give you the scoop on both locations.


             Set on the south Caribbean side of Costa Rica, Puerto Viejo is well-known for its laid back, “pura vida”, rasta -type vibe. Although Puerto Viejo is a part of Costa Rica, it is also made up of Jamaican culture due its’ history.  One often hears reggae music coming out of restaurants and bars and the traditional plate here is a huge portion of coconut rice and beans complete with patacones and sweet, savory, Caribbean, jerk chicken.

            As far as weather goes, the Caribbean side does get lots of rain making it the lush, bio-diverse jungle that it is, full of many different species of animals, however,Puerto Viejo also gets lots of sunshiny, beautiful days with the added bonus of turquoise, crystal clear water.

            With one main road, most people get around town by bicycle here making it a fun place to check out the different beaches as well as all the different artisan shops, restaurants, and beach bars all locally owned.

            Puerto Viejo extends all the way to Manzanillo with beaches along the way. First,  Playa Negra---the name indicating that this beach has black sand. Then, Puerto Viejo (including the famous wave, Salsa Brava). Next, is Playa Cocles, the main surf beach, and further along you have other beautiful playitas such as Playa Chiquita, Punta Uva, Playa Grande, and finally Manzanillo.

            Vacationing here can be absolutely wonderful. With gorgeous weather and water, surfing and practicing yoga in an outdoor studio or on the beach make for an unforgettable holiday. Other things TuCamion offers such as body work/massage, hiking, and our 3 in 1 tour are perfect for happy days in the Caribbean. Pura Vida!



             Set on the Pacific coast, Sayulita is just a 45 minute drive from its neighboring city of Puerto Vallarta. This colorful, little fishing town has landed itself a spot on the map due to its vibrant culture, mouth-watering cuisine, friendly locals, and world-class waves.

            The weather is pretty consistent and often very sunny with cool mornings and evenings. The beach here is usually crowded due to Sayulita’s main surf break being right in front however, a short hike to the left is a smaller, swimming beach with clear water, Los Muertos, and a short walk to the right is more beach incorporating a left surf break. The sunsets here are absolutely gorgeous over the water, my favorite time of day.

            The town of Sayulita itself is centered around the square or plaza. People often hang out here at all hours of the day and night and surrounding it are tasty restaurants, fun bars, and shops full of beautiful Mexican art, jewelry, clothes, and crafts. One thing I cannot rave enough about is the food in Mexico. Most all of it is homemade, fresh, very affordable, and keeps you going back for more.

            Just down the road from Sayulita is San Pancho, Punta de Mita, and Bucerias, all offering other surf breaks, artisan shops, taquerias and restaurants, and larger grocery stores, pharmacies, and hardware stores.

             Sayulita is a great introductory town if you have never visited Mexico. Or if you have, it is a place unlike any other. Colorful and fun, full of authentic Mexican culture, and offering fun waves along with its own secrets such as: Marietas Islands, Sayulita is the perfect place for you!