Hello I'm Zaida. I am one of the guides for TuCamino and I live in Sayulita, Mexico. I am a surfer and just recently became a macrame artist on command (big thanks to tutorials online!). Honestly, I've neglected this blog a little bit but since yesterday was awesome, today I couldn't wait to write about it. In case you guys don't know a really big swell is coming this week on the Pacific coast and right now we are getting a glimpse of it in Sayulita and the surrounding beaches. My day started with some work at Tigre Surf Shop (one of our partners :) please note surfers like Diego and Tigre Cadena).  Being inside the surf shop and knowing that the waves were killer got us all exited about surfing so we made a plan to go to a beach nearby and ride some waves. After work we took our friend's car to Playa Escondida, a cabin resort between Carrisitos and Pascuarito beach. It has its own private beach, restaurant, pools and best of all you can play foosball. After getting some quesadillas to-go we went in search of the best beach to surf at.

We finally settled on Punta de Mita and found some awesome waves and a gorgeous beach. We spent the rest of the day there and had our quesadilla picnic on site. This weekend happened to be a long one in Mexico (May 1st is "Work Day" and it is a national holiday) so back home the plaza was full. There was food and music; everyone was out to dance either reggae at Bar Don Pato, electronic music at Yambak, or traditional Mexican music at the plaza. This is a normal day in Sayulita: lots of waves, food and friends. -Zaida Cholico, Sayulita, Mexico