The other night, I had the most lovely Skype date with Kristen Dunn, the woman behind the inspirational documentary series, FreeSouls. Kristen is the kind of person who makes you feel at ease and her passion and positivity for life are truly motivating.

I came across FreeSouls while searching for surf/adventure inspired websites and blogs. The idea behind FreeSouls is to "[inspire] and [give] a voice to women adventurers and ocean enthusiasts". I knew I wanted to meet and work with Kristen from just reading this headline.  

We instantly had lots to talk about. Growing up in states like Kansas and Texas, we did not have many opportunities regarding surfing. It was not until Kristen moved to California and I moved to Costa Rica, that we really discovered our love for the ocean and passion for surfing. Free Souls and TuCamino Travel have similar mission statements in that we want to empower women through connection with the ocean.

freesouls 2.png

When asking Kristen what her goal is with FreeSouls, she replied, "I want to give women and girls a platform to share their stories, adventures, and experiences. Through this, they will inspire one another. I want them to feel strong and beautiful and be free". Well Kristen, I think you have definitely accomplished this. :)


To read more about her documentary series and what she is working on check out her social media: 





Thank you, Kristen!

Pura Vida,

xo TuCamino Travel