TuCamino Travel is about not only about creating your path but also, living your passions.

Maddie Buresh, creator of Ocean Girl Mag, is a PERFECT example of this. What an inspiring and wise woman. Check out our interview with Maddie.

Tell us the story behind Ocean Girl Mag and how you got started?

Ocean Girl first came about during the sleepy winter season at the hostel I was managing in Australia. When I wasn’t spending my lunch breaks braving what were usually chilly, onshore conditions, I had a lot of time on my hands. I was inspired by my illustrator friend, her never ending creative projects, and her growing collection of artsy magazines. It sparked a desire in me to combine my enthusiasm for art, writing, and surfing in order to get other ladies as stoked about the ocean as I was.

I started up Ocean Girl with a vision of creating a platform to embrace the growing female surf culture, spread a love of the sea, and encourage people to make positive change in the world. I had no idea that what started as my little project would become what it is now, and it will only be a year old within the next few months! I am so blessed to be able to do what I do.

I have a lot of big dreams for Ocean Girl, one of which is to start up a printed magazine full of good words and beautiful imagery. That has been the long-term vision from the beginning, and the possibilities are endless and oh so exciting. It is a long journey, and I am working it on slowly but surely as I balance it with other commitments, but it is something I love and something that I want to eventually make my full-time work. But ultimately, if Ocean Girl is inspiring women, making a positive impact, and bringing smiles to people’s faces, I am happy.

 Photo by: Cristian Paredes

Photo by: Cristian Paredes

We truly believe in living your passions. How are you doing this?

I am living my passions by pursuing what I love and walking along the path that is being set out for me, even if that is not the beaten path. Moving to Australia for a year after graduating from college was one of the best decisions that I could have made. I spread my wings and flew, I discovered where my passions truly lie, and I decided to chase them.

Now I am currently living on O’ahu in beautiful Hawai’i, and I am so happy that I took the leap of faith and chased my dreams all the way across the Pacific Ocean to this delightful island. It isn’t always easy. When I booked a one-way ticket here, I didn’t expect that it would be. But I am so blessed. So blessed. I have everything that I need; I am living in one of the most sought after surf destinations in the world, where the ocean is never far away; and I can truly embrace the lifestyle I love.

  Photo by: Arvydus

Photo by: Arvydus

What advice do you have for water women/surfers/paddleboarders?

Never forget why you love it. There is no way to fully describe the feeling of being out in the big blue ocean and living completely in the moment. It’s so easy to get caught up in looks or competition, but all of that isn’t what it’s really about. Surfing, as my Hawaiian friend likes to remind me, is about Aloha and being a part of a community of people with a mutual appreciation of our beautiful ocean. You will wipe out, and you will come out of the water wondering how you managed to accumulate five new bruises and a reef cut, if you’re as lucky as I am. But don’t give up and don’t be afraid of learning. We were all beginners once. Just remember to smile.

Advice for travelers and adventurers?

Anything is possible. This world is full of so many amazing opportunities that so many of us miss because we are too caught up in the daily grind or too afraid to walk through doors that are opened for us. Don’t just be in a place. Experience it. Become a part of the local communities, learn from them, and embrace them. Be open to new cultures and new experiences. Look for beauty in everything, and you will find it.

  Photo by: Cristian Paredes

Photo by: Cristian Paredes

What makes you the happiest?

There are a lot of things that make me happy. But I am happiest when I am in the sea, immersing myself in a creative environment, doing little things to make people smile, and being around people who love me.

Why is empowering women so important to you?

There are so many women out there doing such amazing and inspiring things. They are taking hold of their passions and creatively making positive change in the world. But surfing is still very much male dominated, and though that is changing, you aren’t likely to find the majority of these ladies in mainstream surf media. I want to be a part of the movement that is redefining how women are viewed both within the surf community and within a larger context. We are so much more than just bodies in bikinis. We are women with hopes and dreams and stories worth telling. It’s such a beautiful thing to see the women’s surf and beach culture blossoming in such a unique way, and I want to be onboard.

  Photo by Arvydus

Photo by Arvydus

To read more about Maddie Buresh and the projects she is working on, check out her website, Ocean Girl Mag. Thank you Maddie!

Pura Vida,

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