Salt Gypsy (what an awesome name!) began when founder Danielle Clayton decided she wanted to create and showcase female surf wear. What began as a personal surf blog has now exploded into a platform that promotes all things surf. Check out our interview with this inspiring woman!

What is the story behind Salt Gypsy?

Salt Gypsy began life as my personal blog while I worked my third season in the Maldives back in 2012. As for the concept for Salt Gypsy, it`s really an intersection of my passion for surfing, my work experience, and the frustration of seeing a lack of support from mainstream surf media & industry for the rad indie surfwear designers making gear that I, and my friends, wanted to surf in at the time (2010-2011). Initially, I wanted to create a platform to showcase these indie designers to an audience like myself and my girlfriends: female surfers looking to interpret their own personal style in the lineup. There were very few platforms for alternative female surf communities & independent news, now there are more options which is great.

Creating the bespoke surf wear concept I originally started with was born from the blog back in 2012 when I quite literally could not find any surf leggings on the market. The Salt Gypsy brand & product line you see today has been an unexpected by-product of my earlier vision. So I`m rolling with it!


3 words to describe you and why?

Tenacious, resourceful, and tired. Why? I have relentlessly pursued my idea; I started with zero capital and do the best I can with limited resources; and tired because it's been one helluva two years being self-employed!!

What is the mission of Salt Gypsy and what are your future dreams/goals with it?

Interesting question because what I'm doing now is a derivative of my initial concept which means I've learn't to constantly adapt to change as things develop. I am working hard at creating a sustainable business model that supports female surf communities globally and projects close to my heart (One Wave, Waves of Freedom, Surf & Social Good Summit, Fresh Air Project). Future dreams & goals? To build a female-surfer owned & operated surf company my younger self would have aspired to work for.


What inspires you and what are you passionate about?

I am passionate about supporting independent movers & shakers, female surf creatives, being a part of the change that is happening in redefining what it is to be a female surfer, and am intensely passionate about seeing style in the lineup - feel rad and surf better I reckon! 

I am inspired by the underdogs - those from humble beginnings who bust chops to make shit happen for themselves. 

And the sea. Everything comes back to being in the sea and those intersections of light, liquid and the body moving through it.


What is one of the biggest challenges of running your own business?

Only one of the several million challenges??! Financial resources and specifically, the lack of it. One of the biggest challenges for me was not knowing how I was going to feed myself and pay my rent for awhile there. I'm not even joking. Extremely frightening & stressful then extremely liberating when you figure out how to keep going - and then an extremely valuable skill in learning how to think outside the box and by default - differentiating yourself from the competition.


What advice can you give to young women?

Be kind, be tenacious and relentlessly pursue your goals. Because goals are just dreams with deadlines and they won't happen without you taking ACTION.


For more information on Danielle Clayton or Salt Gypsy check out her site: