I had the pleasure of talking with Claudia Hirschberger, founder of Venus Goes Gidget, on a Skype call not to long ago. We talked about everything from surfing to the challenges of running your own business. Needless to say, I got off the phone feeling motivated. Claudia was super positive and her advice regarding running her own business made me feel more confident about running mine.

Venus Goes Gidget was started by Claudia to "bring other ladies the joy she's found in her passion that is surfing". The awesome thing about VGG is that not only do they offer surf coaching and surf escapes to beautiful locations, but it is also a platform in which water women can communicate and connect. Check out our interview with Claudia and Venus Goes Gidget.

What is the story behind Venus Goes Gidget and how did you get started?

Venus Goes Gidget started off as a blog about my surf experiences as a woman who started surfing in her mid twenties. The original intention was to share what I’d learned about surfing from a woman’s point of view. I found that most content/education material around surfing is targeted towards men and written in ‘surf lingo’. I never felt like all these ‘rad’ surf magazines were written for me as a surfing woman. When I started the blog, it got really positive feedback and people kept asking me about teaching them to surf. Then I discovered the joy of teaching and it kind of snowballed from there. A couple of years ago, I decided to leave my day job in advertising and fully focus my energy on Venus Goes Gidget and share my passion that is surfing with other women.


What makes you the happiest? What are your passions?

I think I am happiest when I’m spending time with my family (consisting of my fiancé – soon to be husband – and a crazy fluffy black cat) and of course, surfing. 

I do love the coaching side of things as well. It makes me happy to see my clients having a blast and making a difference to their lives.

I also love painting and playing the guitar. I’m into a bit of hippy energy stuff and I’m meditating regularly.


What has been the biggest challenge with chasing your dreams?

I get so excited when it comes to Venus Goes Gidget and have millions of ideas but there is only one of me (ok and some little helpers). So the biggest challenge has really been finding the time to do all the things I would like to do.


Advice for water women?

I get a lot of clients who put a lot of pressure on themselves to get to the next level (doesn’t matter if it’s standing up or making that turn) when really it’s about catching waves and having fun. 

It never works putting pressure on yourself and/or compare yourself to others. Wherever you are in the surf journey is right for you. Oh and don’t forget to have fun. In the end it’s all about enjoying the ride, isn’t it?


For more information on Venus Goes Gidget or to get information on their surf coaching or surf escapes, visit their website: http://venusgoesgidget.com/