This past weekend was a blast! My friends and I ventured to Jaco for a weekend trip. For a month I will be in an actual office with little time to surf and since the wave season is slowing down big time in the Caribbean, I wanted to catch some waves on the Pacific.

The weekend was so chill and so much fun. We surfed, watched the competition, ate good food, got some sun, and went out to hear reggae at The Backyard Bar. I also got the chance to meet the amazing ladies behind Savage Swimwear, Lauren Rios & Anna Zapponi. Both of these chicas are super amazing and we bonded over starting businesses from scratch. Being a water woman, I pride myself on living in bikinis. That being said, bikinis that are stylish yet stay on in the water + work for every day use are what I am constantly searching for. Savage bikinis are all of this and more. Check out my interview with the mermaids behind Savage Swimwear.


What is the story behind Savage Swimwear and how did you get started?

A little bit about Anna and myself … We met in Santa Barbara working and going to school at UCSB. We graduated in separate years and both ended up in cookie cutter jobs. Anna stayed in Santa Barbara and I moved to San Francisco. We were both doing well at work but wanted something more. I had a great friend who was from Costa Rica in college and he invited us down here to live. We both saved up so that when we arrived we could explore paradise without having to worry about making money. 

When push came to shove we decided if we wanted to stay here we would have to do something … we both tried working in a restaurant here .. it was cool and all but both of us were ready to explore something a little more creative… and what better place than Playa Hermosa to start making custom bikinis!!! We decided to start our own bikini company. We wanted to stay here and to do that we needed to make money to support our very simple lifestyle.. so bikinis it was! 


What has been the biggest challenge with running your own business?

I think the biggest challenge with owning our own business so far has been the start! Neither of us knew a thing about sewing… nor did we have one second of experience. Business wise, I think the biggest challenge is keeping our concept and still trying to accommodate as many requests, body sizes, and lifestyles as possible.  Aside from that, it is very hard owning a business in a country where we do not speak the language. It has been very hard finding supplies and many things get lost in translation. Not only finding the supplies, but physically getting them. Since we don’t have a car,  we either have to bike or take the bus into town to pick up supplies, suits, and whatever else we are needing at the time to run the business. This gets pretty tricky during the rainy season. 


What is the best thing about being entrepreneurs?

I think the best thing about being entrepreneur is making your own schedule. We are lucky enough to work when we want so that we are not missing out on any surf competitions, road trips, and any other fun opportunities that come along…. and of course to work with something that we love every day. BIKINIS! 


What advice can you give to female entrepreneurs?

The best advice that we can give to female entrepreneurs, “you can do anything in life, just do it."

If your heart is in it, there is no turning back. Nothing is impossible and it is important to believe that.

What advice can you give to women chasing their dreams?

To women chasing their dreams - DON’T STOP.  Never stop chasing your dreams … your only competition is yourself. 


What does a happy day look like for you?

A happy day for us … looks like… waking up early and hiking to the view point in Jaco .. taking in all the beautiful scenery.. picking wild fruits and veggies along the way … cooking mostly vegetarian meals and heading to the beach or to catch some rays at a pool. We are both surfers, however we have taken some time off… but hope to get back to it soon .. we both love anything outdoors and anything that’s maybe a little dangerous … and of course we are forever dreaming of more bikini designs! 


For more information on Savage Swimwear or to contact them/buy pretty bikinis check them out: SAVAGE