As most of you know, we have been focusing our blog posts on interviewing inspirational women around the world. Women who are artists, yoga teachers, travelers, ocean enthusiasts, surfers, and life style bloggers. When I came across Kimberly Burke's website  Little Bitty in the City, I knew I wanted to interview her for a feature on our blog. 1. She is from Texas :) 2. She lives in Austin and 3. (most importantly!) She has created a platform to inspire women to express individuality through personal style. How cool is that?! 

Check out our interview with Kimberly Burke:

Tell me a little about yourself.

My name is Kimberly Burke and I was born and raised in deep south Texas. I am 24 years old and live in Austin, Texas with my sweet husband of almost two years. I am a Merchandiser for Chloe + Isabel, a New York City based e-commerce jewelry company, and founder and creator of a personal life and style blog, Little Bitty in the City! My passions include writing and blogging, creating new things, listening to live music, cooking and eating delicious food, traveling, exploring my city, enjoying nature, and spending quality time with my family and friends. My blog turns 1 year old in October, and I am so excited to continue to share these passions with everyone around me!


What motivates/inspires you to follow your passions?

My husband and my family encourage and support me to follow my passions and dreams on a daily basis. Hearing their responses and seeing their reactions when I share my accomplishments and exciting things that have happened in my life motivate me to keep working hard and pursuing my passions.

What are your passions/dreams/goals?

One of my goals this year is to continue to grow my blog and personal brand, and finally buy my .com for Little Bitty in the City to make it official! Another long term goal of mine is to become a Merchandiser Manager for Chloe + Isabel to uplift and empower other amazing women within the C+I ambassador community.


How do you empower women through your business?

I try to empower women through my blog by encouraging them to take a chance and do something that is out of the ordinary or out of their comfort zone, whether that's trying their hand at a new hobby, exploring new places, or trying out a new style! I also hope to inspire women by being true to myself as someone who can be a friendly and uplifting voice in a sometimes negative or comparative world.
I also love that Chloe + Isabel allows me to help women express their individuality and personal style through truly unique and affordable jewels helping them feel their most beautiful!


Top 3 favorite places and why?

My top 3 favorite places are:
1. Italy--anywhere in Italy because it is a part of my heritage and I absolutely love everything about it from the language, the food, the art, the history and the scenery. I had the chance to visit and explore different areas 3 years ago, and would love to go back ASAP.
2. Sanibel Island, Florida because it is the place where all of my favorite childhood memories came from.
3. Greece. I've never been but am dying to go and see the ancient ruins, the architecture, the colors, and the beautiful views!

Mexico or Costa Rica?

Both! Even though I grew up in south Texas, I've never really experienced the true beauty or culture of Mexico. Costa Rica also holds a special place in my heart because I spent my honeymoon there, and would love to go back and experience the Caribbean side and fully embrace the "Pura Vida" lifestyle.


For more information on Kimberly Burke, check out her lifestyle blog Little Bitty in the City.

Thank you Kimberly! <3