Happy Tuesday everyone! This week has been off to a great start. It is nothing but clear skies and sunshine and clear blue water here Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica. It is such a beautiful time of year! In honor of sunshine, we wanted to share with you our guide, Hannah McVay's, favorites in Puerto Viejo Costa Rica. Enjoy!


Favorite Beach: Playa Chiquita

This beach is like something out of Pirates of the Caribbean with a thick forest of palm trees leaning towards the water, natural pools to swim in, waves calmly crashing on the shore with barely a soul in sight. The walk through the jungle to even get to the beach is half the magic of this place. This was my spot to sit and simply be.

Favorite Local Restaurant: Lidia's Soda

If I was ever craving some Caribbean chicken (which was like every day), this was my place to go get a plate. The coconut rice and beans are amazing and the sides are so good. And the owner is so sweet. And now I'm craving some Lidia's. Cool.


Favorite Place to Chill: Salsa Brava Bar/Restaurant

This is my favorite wave to surf. Haaaaa kidding. I would die. Favorite place to watch people surf for sure. But what I was really saying, Salsa Brava is my favorite bar to go to at night. They have a reggae/dancehall night and everyone is dancing and chilling out. The best part is that it is literally right on the beach so when there's a full moon you can see the ocean sparkling from the dance floor.


It's been great being back with my family in Texas, but man do I miss Puerto Viejo. These 3 places are just a taste of the thousands of things I love about this town. I could go on and on, but it would never do it justice because you have to smell the ocean, see the beautiful sunsets, hear the music, meet the people, feel the love and good vibes yourself to understand why so many people love this place to pieces. Myself included.

Pura Vida Y'all!