Recently, I have been trying to really be present in every moment. The other day when I walked home on the beach, I tried to use as many senses as possible. I smelled the warm, salty, ocean air. I really looked at the sand, ocean, and wild, unruly jungle before me. I listened to the sound of the water as the waves crashed and I tried to take it all in so I could try to remember the moment forever. The thing is, over the years, I have realized, it is not just Costa Rica I love, it is Puerto Viejo. It is the sounds of monkeys howling every morning and the sounds of all the creepy crawly insects at night. It is the rays of sunshine that hit my window as the sun rises and the rain that puts me ever so gently to sleep. It is the ocean, my sanctuary, that reminds me of why I am alive, to love. 


It is the birds and the flowers. The rivers and the trees. It is everything that nature has to offer that creates my love for the Caribe Sur. It is more than that too--if you can imagine. As if the magnificent nature is not enough, I have a commUNITY here. Puerto Viejo is about the yoga community and surf community. It is about the locals, the expats, and travelers who have befriended me. It is about the fact that I have met and connected with people I never would have had I not found this piece of paradise. I have met some of my best friends in the world. For that, I am truly grateful. I have worked with and met some amazing artists, photographers, and creators. People that have a story to tell. People that spend their entire lives bettering the lives of others. It is here I have found my passions and put in hard work to turn a dream into a reality. 


Don't get me wrong, Puerto Viejo is not perfect. It has brought me much much heartache but also, I have learned the most valuable lessons. Those in which, I am still learning to this day.  It has in fact, taught me how to love unconditionally. To love no matter what. To love with all of my heart. How can I ever thank you, Puerto Viejo? I am in complete gratitude. 


As I prepare for my next adventure for the next couple months, I thought I would share a message of love. Puerto Viejo is beautiful and wild. It is more than just a place where the jungle meets the beach, it is truly F R E E D O M. Isn't that what we are all looking for? 


 Grateful to all of you. May we live in love. 

Pura Vida, 

Nena Ocampo 


*TuCamino Travel is still very much alive and well. We are preparing for our upcoming retreats and hope you will be apart of them. For those of you who have wondered what the deal is with PVCR, check it out for yourself. You will not be disappointed. Our dates and details can be found on the website. Besos!