The other day, a friend of mine posted on my FB wall about missing our surf sessions and this immediately got me thinking of the surf sisterhood I am a part of in Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica. When I started to learn to surf, I rarely saw any girls out there. Of course, I was intimidated by this, but I refused to let that stop me. The ocean was calling me. I would wipe out again and again, but I kept begging my male surfer friends to help me. One day, I saw a tan, blonde girl ripping up the waves and I decided I had to be her friend. This was going to be hard, or so I thought. Miraculously, she agreed to teach me and surf with me and now, 4 years later, she is one of my best friends. We formed a bond and when we are in the water together, it is the best feeling in the world. No matter how far a part we are, we always find each other again in the waves. Thank you, Nadieh.<3


Since then, there have been many more women who are amazing surfers that have pushed me to be better. There have been a lot of gurfers messaging me to go surfing and keeping me on top of my surf game. There have been times we have all been terrified in waves much too big for us. 

Julie, remember that HUGE day at the island?! Alia, remember being slammed down in barreling waves in Nicaragua? 


There have been days when I can't seem to catch anything or I am doubting myself and Natasha drags me into the waves and I end up catching so many! Or Hada convinces me to test out 6 foot waves in Playa Hermosa. There have been moments I am not motivated and I see Jetsie catching the most perfect left and I immediately want to jump in the ocean. There are talented women like Ana and Lara who always say the kindest things to me about my performance or style. And friends who have surfed with me from the beginning like Julie T. 


These women have helped in creating a surf sisterhood and when we enter the water, it's a whole different vibe. We laugh, encourage each other, share stories, and share waves. We push each other to let go of fear and at the end of the day, we all share a common passion: a love of surfing. 


Thank you to all the men who have coached and helped me when it comes to surfing. I am so grateful to you. Dexter, you still are the most amazing surf coach, however, this surf sisterhood is where it's at. I hope that us female surfers will continue to inspire, motivate, and encourage one another in and out of the water. Let's make waves! Team Mermaid! :) 


Pura Vida,